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Tips Of Blackjack Game
Blackjack is easy enough to understand and learn. I must say that this game is extremely popular, even in some countries, and slightly modified, and not known for its native name. For example, in Russia, a very close relative of blackjack called "21 points." So let's look at the basic principles of the game of blackjack.

Goal of the game - to beat the dealer by dialing cards that add up to 21 points to or less, but in any case no more. More 21st points - it is an automatic loss and loss rates. If successful, you get a prize at a rate of 1:1. "Blackjack" - a combination of the player gaining 21 points exactly two cards - an ace and a ten. In this case, the gain is paid at a rate of 3:2.

In blackjack play six 52-sheeted decks. All "Pictures" (King, Queen, Jack) and Ten - 10 points, nine - 9 points, etc. Face Ace may vary depending on the situation - either 11 or 1, whichever is more advantageous to the player. Dealer can easily replace the machine or some other device, because there is a clear algorithm according to which the dealer goes anyway. Do not think that just before you experienced blackjack player. No, it operates on a simple pattern: if he did not hand over 16 points, he gets if 17 or more - stops.

Every game requires making various maneuvers in the rules to be more flexible and more acute. And the rules of blackjack is also not one-sided. You can, for example, time to surrender , not to lose the whole bet, but only half. Or seeing the dealer on an ace, you can quite rightly fear that he will have blackjack and insure yourself against this. In case of "insured event" you get double the amount of your insurance. Split - a division of two equal value cards.

Of course, the split is initiated by the player and the action is not mandatory. If you think that the two cards apart will bring you more benefits and increase the chances of winning, you can split vat them. To increase the amount of your gain, you are allowed to double your bet . Here we must be careful and be 100% sure that you have on hand is really the winning cards.

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