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If you carefully read the beginning of our story, it is understood that additional bet on Pass Line , Don ' t Pass Line , Come and Don ' t Come - the key to success. Below we give a sign, which shows the results for betting Pass Line / Pass Line Odds and Don ' t Pass Line / Do not Pass Line Odds.

Since the conditions of victory at additional rates are the same as in the basic rates, the probability of winning / losing the same. But because of the difference in payments to the average result is different, and significantly.

At a rate of Pass Line casino advantage is reduced from 1.41% to 0.85%, and at a rate of Do not Pass Line - from 1.36% to 0.82%. Needless to say, for it is a bit amateur, but for a regular player or the High Roller (an important game), this is a very big advantage.

For the same reasons the usual players do not have much to distinguish bet Pass Line , Don ' t Pass Line , Come and Don ' t Come and all the more to them, because the difference between them is insignificant.

So, in fact, any combination of the four most popular bets with additional rates and is the optimal strategy. But there are some negative aspects. Payments for additional rates largely underestimated, not overestimated. In connection with this income Player will not be too significant, even under favorable circumstances. Naturally, in this case we judge concerning payments at different rates. But this strategy is the least risky - if gambling casino advantage of less than 1%, we can assume that we have reached the very top, because this situation is very, very rare.

The rest of the best system in the game of craps is perfect. And the player does not need to memorize a lot of different options for the development of the situation. There are only two: either winning or losing, and then everything starts over again. This contrasts craps blackjack or video poker from where the optimal strategy is much more difficult and requires considerable investment of mental effort. In craps is only math. Find out which are the most advantageous bid, the player only uses them and ignoring the rest.

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