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How To Win At Bingo
When you have a good mood, free output and have a little money left over, why not go to a tropical favorite casino? One of the most popular games there is Bingo Bongo. Its rules are somewhat similar to roulette, but the similarity ends at this random roll of the rooms and numbered playing field. There are two areas that belong to you, and the same - your opponent. Each of them is a square five by five cells, and all cells contain a specific number. Each party offers to collect a certain combination, filling line winning number, which can be used at the same time you and your opponent.

The bottom line is that the rooms you posted with him is not the same. Require a variety of combinations, from simple intersection of two lines, and ending with clever crosses. Who was the first rank in any of their zones desired pattern, he will be the winner. Due to the presence of two bands, instead of one, you get a significant advantage, but the enemy will still fight very well, walking with you in the leg. Can change the pace of the game, if you so wish. This will speed up or slow down the speed of falling balls. All the figures are already listed on the top, and you can always keep track of the current situation.

In the bingo lobby you can choose between a game with 75 balls and playing with 90 balls. Private tables can not open. Pressing the "Enter" the player goes to the correct table. On the playing field displays bingo cards. Using a scale scrolled, you can see all 60 cards. By clicking on the map marking the last made, and clicking on "Buy" button card is purchased. Applying the "Card Selector ", you can mark multiple cards simultaneously. Suffice it to adjust it to a certain number from 1 to 60, and the corresponding number of cards will be allocated. For example, if you select 10, will be allocated 10 game cards.

By clicking on the " Auto -Buy "window opens Auto-Buy, where you can select a certain number of purchase cards for a certain number of rounds, for example, over 10 rounds 5 game cards. Set number of cards bought automatically in the early rounds. Maps also automatically sorted. When this card is closest to the goal of the game is shown first.

Automatically determined if the player has reached "Bingo." If at this point the player interrupted compound win still counts. If a player reaches the "Bingo", but not in the room (for example, when connection is lost), the gain is credited, no matter what, at its expense. If interrupted communication with the gaming table, all players return their rates.

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