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This gamble, whose name literally sounds like - "small wheel". It is one of the oldest games in the history of the casino and is rooted in the distant 18th century. How do roulette was invented? This is not known for certain. It emerged, as suggested may eventually merge two English games (talking about Rely-Poly and "Ace of HeartsĀ» (Ace of Hearts) with a range of Italian table games. Since France is located just between Italy and England, board game roulette and it was born in the vast.

Have you read a novel "Playing Roulette" Written in 1796, it tells the readers about the game of roulette in Paris. This once again confirms the fact that this game is in its conventional form already present in the late 18th century. Although we are aware of found even earlier mention of the game of roulette at the opposite end of the globe.

Quebec French authorities in 1758 was issued a decree that prohibits four different games. It was a game of dice, hoca, faro (faro) and roulette. For this reason, it is quite possible that the tape was already well known in Europe, even in 1750. And if we assume that all invented roulette Canadians, in general, is likely to happen this story rewrite.

At that moment, when we wrote that in its conventional form roulette already existed in the late 18th century, we are not told the whole truth. Francois and Louis Blanc (Francois and Louis Blanc), residents of France, in 1842 reformed radically roulette, anyway, for the owners of gambling establishments.

Yes, yes, just these guys we owe cell "Zero" on the wheel, and that gave the casino a solid advantage. Incidentally, when the game moved across the Atlantic (for the second time?), "00" added to the basic cells of the game that made the advantage even more gaming establishments. For example, when the slot game to end. With every win or not until profits are higher or equal to a certain winnings. And in addition you can still adjust her whether the machine should stop when the stake value is higher or lower as a selectable amount.

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