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The most successful Canadian professional poker player of all time is also one of the most successful poker players ever: Daniel Negron. Both in live poker tournaments as well as online is "Kid Poker" a well-known and successful player who is always open expresses his opinion. Team Poker Stars Pro was born on 26 July 1974 in Toronto, where he still lives today. To this day, the Canadians could six bracelets at the World Series of Poker 28 times earn, reach the final table and land 69 times the prize money ranks. In addition, two World Poker Tour titles and a final table of the European Poker Tour.

Negron was as a child born of two Romanian immigrants who wanted to settle in the United States actually, but ended up at the end in Toronto, Canada. In his school days he is mainly due to bad behavior and have noticed Lists of school rules. With 15 years Negron wanted to be a professional snooker player, but instead he learned then poker games.

At 16, he should then have been primarily in pool halls, when placing sports bets or spotted playing cards. So it came as it had come: he left high school and started his poker career with mostly illegal games. At 22, he had constructed his bankroll to search for Las Vegas to break up in order to become a professional poker player. His first bankroll was playful but fast and it hit in back to Toronto. Then Daniel Negron should then start fully and to this day the most successful Canadian poker player and one of the best poker players ever.

Even the private lives of professing Hockey fans has seen some ups and downs. So Daniel Negron married in August 2005 Lori Lin Weber , however, the divorce took place in November 2007. The vegans also had in November 2009 to accept the Schick hall blow that his mother died is. While the Canadians do not deal squeamish with its open and honest and not always comfortable opinion, so he's a benefactor. In Charity Poker Events is Team Poker Stars Pro to meet just as in he founded the annual Charity Golf Event "Big Swing".

Until the end of 2013 he was able to total 19.5 million U.S. dollars earn poker tournaments live. He is behind Antonio Sandier and Sam Ticket the number three in the list of poker player with the most money won in poker history. With 69 SWOOP cashes he has the all-time best list only four players who have often made ​​it into the money in front of him.

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