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Blackjack - a game without age: it is played and the old and young. Blackjack rules are available understanding of each. Importantly, only once read them carefully, good to learn and start to beat the dealer. First of all, you must understand that no matter how many players at the table were not, they are not your competitors or, on the contrary, partners. You play only with the dealer. Only about him and his card combinations, the player is a winner or loser.

Other players also compete only with the dealer. If we talk about the usual land-based casino, the blackjack play with six decks of cards at the table, where, as a rule, located no more than seven boxes. Boxes - a place on the table where a player places his bet. Irok may take a few boxes, but one box may take more than one player.

The meaning of the game is, as has been said, to beat the dealer by collecting a combination of cards on hand, giving in total no more than 21 points. If the amount is more - you automatically lose. If the amount is less, the winner is the one whose sum is as close to the cherished mark - 21 points.

If you win, you are paid 1:1 programming. In case of loss, of course, the dealer will take your bet. But, a combination in which honor and named the game - it's blackjack. Blackjack is considered to be a combination of two cards: an ace and a ten. In this case, your winnings are paid as 3:2, which is not bad!

If you're afraid to lose your money, you can insure yourself against loss from a dealer blackjack, provided that it first card - an ace. All cards must be said, are issued in the open, so you can see the situation as transparently as possible. So, you can buy insurance. If the dealer has blackjack and the truth is, you get twice the amount of insurance, the maximum amount which may not exceed ½ of your bet. If blackjack and he does not collect - you lose the amount of insurance.

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