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Since the second half of the 20th century, blackjack has become one of the casino games the most popular in both online and offline. In this post you'll find a presentation of this classic. Blackjack existed even before the French Revolution as the twenty-one in France and twenty one in England.

It was renamed some time after being imported into the United States. Indeed, it does not meet much success at first. In an attempt to make it more popular so casinos imagine variants. One of them brought a special payment to all players who manage to get a hand consisting of a jack and an ace black. As the servant says in English and jack black says black, this variant is called blackjack. This name has survived to this day even if the version is no longer practiced today. Visit the bog Culture Casino , to learn more about the history of this game.

To win money at blackjack, you must achieve to form an upper hand than the dealer without going over 21. To do this, you receive 2 cards then you can choose to stop you (stand), double (double) your bet and receive one additional card or pull (hit) card as you wish. Visit the site Casino Lemonade, to learn more about the rules of this game.

If blackjack is reached itself as one of the most popular players games is mainly due to two effective strategies to increase your chances of winning. The basic strategy is often presented in a table that shows you the option to choose according to your hand and the dealer's card. If you use it in conjunction with a system of counting cards, you can return the game to your advantage to be beneficial even in the long term.

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